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Ann Mahony is a master at discovering What Makes People Tick. Working in advertising and consumer research, Ann became proficient at predicting human behavior. Attorneys, headhunters, even singles seeking a mate claim Ann is their “secret weapon” as she exposes the gut level energy she claims we cannot hide.

With a background in media and psychology, Ann zeroes in on personalities with uncanny accuracy. She uncovers hidden talents and aptitudes, then explains how to capitalize on your strengths to position yourself ahead of the crowd. Corporations sought her expertise in dealing with difficult people, and stayed to learn her secret for hiring cutting edge employees.
When you need fresh ideas and solutions with a twist think Ann Mahony. Featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, she’s been contacted by everyone from 20/20 to David Letterman to provide the inside track on reading people.

A favorite on the speaking circuit, whether a board retreat, regional conference or national convention, Ann Mahony shows participants surefire solutions for communicating with confidence, clarity and clout. With humor and insight, Ann explores the challenges of remaining high touch in a high tech world, maximizing our personal talents and leaving a legacy of value.

An expert witness in court, and author of Handwriting & Personality, Ann has been contacted by USA Today to provide the inside track on President and Mrs. Clinton, Donald Trump and others. Widely regarded as one of the most stimulating speakers in America today, her vibrant, energetic style supports her message – Lead From Your Strength – a timely credo in today’s challenging and complex world. “My goal” says Ann, “is to Engage… Educate… and Entertain.”

Clients include Bank of America, Hewlett Packard, Chicago Title, Coldwell Banker, American Express, Hyatt Hotels, State Farm, Federal Express, Macy*s, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and others.  Let Ann bring her lively, entertaining programs to your group or convention.

Programs include:

  • Lead From Your Strength
  • What Makes People Tick?
  • Mavericks & Megastars

What others are saying:

“How come Ann Mahony knows me better than me?”

Regis Philbin, KABC-TV, New York

“Her information is fresh, original, pertinent, incredibly practical, and could save your business.”

Patricia Fripp, Professional Speaker & Business Coach

“If I didn’t have Ann as part of my hiring process, I would have made quite a few mistakes.  She’s amazing.  She somehow captures the core behind the personality and tells me not only how the applicant will respond on the job, but how to manage him.”

Bill Lauterbach, Five Star Speakers


“When you’re hopelessly in love, Ann can quickly evaluate the personality of that ‘perfect one’ to avoid disillusionment.  For both business and personal relationships, I always consult her.”

Margaret Prien, CEO, Swiss-American Investments


“You enjoy your work and it really shows through…to entertain and inform at the same time is a gift.”

Linda Greco, Levi Strauss & Co.


“Everyone was amazed with all my positive changes.  I’m feeling wonderful about myself!  I’ve slowed down and am looking at things as they really are.  Your guidance has been an incredible gift.  I will be eternally grateful.”

Maggie Englesbe, San Francisco


“Ann is an amazingly perceptive person, with a wonderful perspective on human nature.  She’s great at utilizing humor to teach.  My sales team didn’t want to let her go!”

Betty Graham, Manager, Coldwell Banker Previews


“You are an extraordinary talent.  You were truly one of the highlights of our entire convention.  You exceeded my expectations and left the audience craving more information.”

Dan Maddux, American Payroll Association


“On a scale of 1-10, Ann Mahony is a 12 – witty, educational, provocative and just plain fun!  Her program was the best at our four day conference.”

Bret Parsons, Executive Director, ASID





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