Handwriting Analysis

What Makes People Tick?

Discover what secrets lie hidden in your handwriting with Ann Mahony, one of the world’s leading graphologists.

If you’ve ever wondered:

  • Why am I drawn toward certain people?
  • Am I truly confident or just bluffing?
  • How can I improve my love life?
  • Is my communication style sabotaging my success?
  • What career path is best for me?
  • Instantly interpret the signals someone is sending you.
  • Hire with confidence, be it nanny, salesperson or CEO!


Make this the year you:

  • Take action
  • Create the life you’ve dreamed about

Whether you have questions about career, family relationships, or your prospects for romance, Ann can help you not only identify behavior sabotaging your success, but capitalize on your strengths to create a life of joy and fulfillment.

Ann claims that in today’s downsized, dual-career, free agent culture, your future will depend on your ability to adapt to change.  She believes that when you work from your strengths, you can face challenges (recession, cut backs) squarely, knowing you have the strength and skills to survive.

Since the chance of your writing matching anyone else’s is one in 6  trillion, graphology is the ultimate tool for uncovering talents, abilities, aptitudes, gifts and creative expression unique to you alone.  According to Ann, “Whether I’m matchmaking for a dating service, screening CEO candidates, or selecting juries for trial, my work cuts to the gut level energy we cannot hide.  Each writing is a melding of both strengths and weaknesses that showcases a unique personality.  Let Ann discover the magic your writing reveals….


What Can Handwriting Reveal?

  • Sexuality and relationships
  • Levels of imagination and creativity
  • Physical reserves and vitality
  • Hidden aptitudes and abilities
  • Goals and aspirations
  • Honesty and dishonesty
  • Self image (both public and private)


What Should I Write About?

Whatever is important to you – career challenges, family issues, new romance, etc.  some clients fear that in writing something personal, they’ll “influence” Ann’s opinion, so they write song lyrics or grocery lists – and the analysis results read “vague and non-committal.”  When you write freely, your true hopes and feelings surface.In a quandary with no direction?  Write about it.  Ann may be able to discover the reason for your confusion and indecision.

Here’s an example of why it’s so important to write from the heart. One client wrote a statement similar to this one (specifics have been changed to protect client privacy)   “Nine years ago my husband ran away with my best friend. I was heartbroken, but we have worked through it, and I have forgiven and moved on with my life.” That’s what the handwriting said, but that’s now how it analyzed.  The writer put on a brave face which covered layers of shame, resentment and unexpressed anger. In other words, she wasn’t being truthful with herself, but the truth was there in the handwriting.  So don’t worry about “giving everything away” to the analyst. She will explore the bedrock emotions which we sometimes hide from ourselves.


How Much Should I Write?

It’s best to have at least a full page of writing on unlined paper utilizing a ballpoint pen.  Please don’t copy anything, as frequent pauses will alter your natural rhythm.  You will not be judged on grammar, punctuation or spelling.  A second sample, using your favorite pen/paper would also be helpful.


The Analysis

$200.00 hr. $125.00 ½ hour

In your one hour consultation, you may include the writing of one other person (spouse, child, co-worker) for a brief compatibility study as well.  You will receive a CD of your session.


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