Legal Forensic

Court qualified handwriting and forgery expert Ann Mahony has been in the business since 1980 testifying for both the prosecution and the defense. Read what clients have to say about her work ? quick, reliable, thorough, and cost effective.

She can help you with:

Disputed Wills
Medical Records
Insurance Records

Disguised Writing
Anonymous Letters
Typewriter ID

Corporate Fraud
Passport & Customs Documents
Marriage & Birth Certificates
Internal Employee Theft

Is this your first exposure to fraud? Are you unsure of how to proceed?

Ann will:

Evaluate the strength of your case
Explain the best way to collect and handle evidence
Determine what documents are most vital to your case
Show you where and how to obtain genuine handwriting in short, guide you step-by-step through the process

Ann can provide:

On-site inspection and photographing of evidence
Exhibit Preparation
Laboratory Analysis
Court Testimony
Review of opposing expert?s opinion
Preparation of deposition questions for opposing expert