Private clients and corporate hiring:


“Everyone was amazed with all of my positive changes. As you can tell, I’m feeling wonderful about myself!  I fell as if I’ve slowed down and am looking at things as they really are. Your guidance has been an incredible gift to me. I will be eternally grateful.”

Maggie Englesbe, San Francisco, CA

My analysis has given me the strength and confidence to get a full-time, better paying job, to end a relationship, to reach out and expand my horizons. You captured the ‘real’me.”

C.G. Sacramento, CA

“I’m amazed you were able to complete 80 analyses in 5 days. You were the talk of the sales conference. Everyone was sharing analyses with friends and no one could believe how accurately you summarized their personalities from just a small handwriting sample.   I appreciate your efforts in creating a fun and thought provoking atmosphere”.

David Margolis, The Paddington Corporation, J&B USA Director

“Wow! Was the reaction to your appearance.You were terrific.  I don’t know how you managed to analyze over 50 people in such a limited amount of time.  The feedback I received included – amazed, astounded, tickled, surprised, and frankly dumbfounded at your ability to derive so much about personalities from just a snippet of handwriting.  You added to the excitement of the evening and Cartier would welcome an opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Christine Goppel, AVO, Cartier, New York


“I just wanted to thank you very, very much.  My wife and I really appreciated your incisive thought of our prospective new employee. You were insightful, you were right on the money, and it would really be great and helpful in using that kind of input in training and staff relationships. I look forward to calling upon you again in the future.  Thanks again. You’re terrific.”

Mike Edlin, Coldwell Banker, Pacific Palisades, CA


“Ann Mahony is amazingShe blew me away.   I work with teens.  You know how skeptical they are.  They don’t believe anything.  Ann Mahony was so right on.   She had them eating out of the palm of her hand.  I mean everybody wants to know more about themselves, and Ann discovers each of their unique talents, and their eyes just light up around the room.  She’s such a great hit at my workshops.”

Kimberly Kassner, President of Empowermind and author of You’re a Genius and I Can Prove It


“Graphology isa wonderful tool, and an accurate tool, and you can use that to evaluate business opportunities.  And the question that you’re really looking for is – do the people with the dog and pony show have the characteristics essential for successful execution of the business plan?   And if not, it’s   better to find it out early rather than later, because the economic and emotional losses will be borne by you.  And an evaluation by a qualified graphologist can be an extremely worthwhile investment.  For both business and personal relationships, I always consult Ann.”

Margaret Prien, CEO Swiss-American Investments, Atherton, CA


“I used to hire only ‘top dogs’. Each person was more concerned with making himself heard than with utilizing the ideas of others. I now have a team with lots of give and take, where everyone rises to a new level. I’m recommending you coast to coast.”

Robert E. Atkinson, retail executive & advisor, San Francisco


It’s frightening you know so much about me – all through my handwriting. Thank you. You are great!

Jan Kollenborn, Coldwell Banker


“People might say ‘Well I use Myers Briggs, or I use Forte, why do I need Ann Mahony?’ If I didn’t have Ann as part of my hiring process, I would have made quite a few mistakes. She cuts through all the standard stuff and makes the system work better for all the applicants. She’s amazing. She somehow captures the core behind the personality and tells me not only how the applicant will respond on the job, but how to manage him.”

Bill Lauterbach, Five Star Speakers Bureau, Overland Park, KS

“We would not hire anybody without doing handwriting analysis and Ann Mahony is absolutely the only person that we use.  People can put anything they want on an employment application and they’re not going to give you a reference to check that isn’t positive.  But the handwriting analysis seems to go to the heart of the matter.  Many times it validates what we think we already know, and that makes us feel more confident when we’re hiring.  Other times she may warn against a potential obstacle.  When we ignore her and hire them anyway, many times that’s the very problem that we have with the person, and we end up kicking ourselves for not listening 100%.  Ann helps us make the right hiring decisions which saves us all kinds of time and money.  Honesty if it meant that we would lose an employee because Ann was out of town or something, we would still not hire them.  I don’t understand how she can do it, sometimes with not even much writing to go from, but she has been on target every time.”

Nancy Lauterbach, Five Star Speakers Bureau, Overland Park, KS

“We are extremely grateful for your input concerning or most recent contract client.  Your analysis could not have been more accurate….Thanks to your perception, we have been able to forgo a potential future problem with this foreign client.  Keeping on track in this very competitive environment is imperative.  We can’t thank you enough for giving us the insight that you did.”

David C. Anderson, President, Resort Development Corporation, Hawaii


It was sheer pleasure meeting you and I cannot emphasize how much I gained from our session together. Your council has given me insight that has already been helpful. …and peace of mind that all will be well. Thank you for your gift, Ann.

Diane F, Vancouver, B.C

“What she did with Calvin Klein was really cool.  They asked her to match people’s personalities to their fragrances. And she nailed it for both men and for women.   I’m an artist and a stylist.  I know the energy in our handwriting is as revealing as the fashions we choose, the colors we like, the cars we drive, anything that has to do with expressing ourselves, and Ann can read that energy, that kind of juice that says who we are, and she nailed it.  She really did nail it.”

Kathleen Maillaird, Fashion Stylist and Jewelry Designer

“I had a fantastic experience with Ann Mahony.  I was working with a client who had written me on two separate occasions. I noted that the handwritings looked different, and I thought, I’d really like to have a little bit of insight on this. I wonder what she’s thinking.  I contacted Ann Mahony and sent her the two notes, and through that, Ann was able to tell me what this woman’s motivation was, what her fears were, what she was concerned about, and how best to approach her. In future interactions with this client I modulated a little bit differently.  My natural style is a bit more schmoozie with people, but Ann said ‘This woman is strictly business.  You have to get right down to business.’  So that was how I approached her, and it worked.  So I really want to thank Ann because it was amazing insight.

Holly Stiel, CEO of Thank You Very Much, training professionals in the hotel and hospitality industry


In 1964 I took a series of tests which lasted four days in order to get into Seminary.  They really went through every aspect of my life, and I thought it was really very, very good.  But when my book came out in the 90’s, Ann Mahony took a look at my handwriting and told me four things that I had totally missed in those other exams.  She told me how I relate to people, she told me about my work environment, she told me about my internal process, and she also gave me some hints as to how to improve my performance.  It was the kind of information that the regular tests that I had taken, the psychological exams, simply missed.  And those four things were brand new information to me that if somebody had asked me I might have come up with the answer , but she hit it right on the nose the very first moment she looked at my handwriting.  And instantly when she said it, I knew that she was right.

Reverend George McLaird, author of The Marriage Maze


“I found your analyses extremely valuable in providing fresh insight to my clients, allowing me to view them from a totally new perspective.   Your work was thorough and right on target …I intend to use you in future endeavors.  I am recommending you without reservation to both personal and professional friends, and wish you continued success in your endeavors.

Luann Linquist, Ph. D. , San Diego, CA

“I would never hire anyone if Ann Mahony hasn’t analyzed their handwriting. I’m also a professional speaker and have been on the program with Ann many times over the last ten years for conventions and sales meetings. I’m amazed at how audiences go back to see her over and over again. Her information is fresh, original, pertinent and incredibly practical. Not only is her delivery is exciting and stimulating, but the information she imparts could save your business.”

Patricia Fripp, Sales Trainer and Executive Speech Coach, Las Vegas